Fig, Mushroom and Date Pizza

Guest post from Mary, who loves everything from relaxing in her pajamas to running and traveling.

I was going through my fridge looking for something to make the other day and realized I had a million things and nothing to do with any of them.  Luckily that leaves one food you can always make without having to worry, a pizza.  All you have to do is have a crust and some way to top it and add a sauce, anything can be turned into a fun pizza to eat.  That’s how I ended up with a Fig, Mushroom and Date pizza.  Here is how I made it and why I ended up adding it to my recipe collection.

1 package of fresh turkish figs

1 package of menjole dates

Fresh sliced button or portabella mushrooms

English fig balsamic vinegar

A three cheese blend with parmesan

Fresh mozzarella

Extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt and pepper

an amazing flirty apron so you look good when you cook

Take your crust and push it out into the shape you want.  Now take a splash of extra virgin olive oil and spread it around the crust.  Toss salt and pepper onto it and push it around on top of the olive oil.

Now chop your figs into wedges and chop your dates into cubes.  Place them around the pizza crust so they can be divided evenly when you slice it.  Take your mushrooms and slice them then place them all over the pizza.  Next, take your mozzarella and slice it into thick sliced, then cut them into halves or quarters and place it in between all of the ingredients so it can melt in between and around the toppings.  Now take English fig balsamic vinegar and splash or pour it on in a neat looking design over the top of the pizza. Next take the cheese shreds and toss them all over until you have a nice cover.  Place the pizza in the oven at 425 and let it bake for about 15 or 20 minutes.  Let it cool until you can slice it, then slice it and serve.

This dish is an amazing one to make and one that is perfect for spring, summer or fall.  It is fun to make and the colors from the figs will stand out and make people want to try it.  If someone has never eaten a Turkish fig or enjoyed a date before, this is the perfect way to introduce them to these sweet foods.

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